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Tailored for the task-oriented users

Your users are seeking information and to complete specific tasks when they come to your website. Sellwood prioritizes those tasks front & center, ensuring your user has access to that information and services right away and engaging them with a satisfying user experience.

Streamlined Header

Keep the header clean with focus on the global navigation and top utility tasks like the search and pay my bill buttons.

Account Login

Feature a login portal directly on the homepage for a seamless integration of your existing service

Top Services

Promote your top services or pages with call to action buttons visible above the fold on most screen sizes.

News & Announcements

Share stories, press releases, event highlights to engage your community. Several layout formats are available to best feature your content.


Kngage your community by showcasing upcoming events.


Displayed to suit your content best.

A variety of options to display news offers flexibility that will suit your specific organization’s content needs.

  • A simple grid for a short and sweet display.
  • A carousel for the minimalist display but beefier content.
  • A spotlight style for emphasizing a feature story in an asymmetrical feel.

Your UX and Content specialists can guide you in selecting the best format.

Sellwood Design on Laptop
Sellwood Design on Tablet
Sellwood Design on Mobile Device


Optimized for mobile.

With our Mobile-First responsive foundation there is no need to worry about mobile users being able to access your website easily.

The Sellwood blueprint maintains the same priorities are visible throughout all screen sizes, ensuring the experience stays the same for all users.